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Yeti’s Offerings
Adventure travel is on a rise and there is no shortage of operators to choose from, what we offer you is the value that is unbeatable in terms of services and safety.

Our group sizes are modest and are accompanied with the professional and certified guides with the ability to communicate in English language. The safety and security of an individual is given paramount importance in any activity we undertake.

The trips are highly flexible and in most probability customized according to a client’s need, we ensure that you are able to soak in the details of the local lifestyle, know the details of the flora and fauna and be able to identify the mountain peaks and topography.

Area of Operations

We provide end to end solutions for treks, mountaineering expeditions, cycling trips, motorcycle tours as well as rafting trips in the hill state of Uttarakhand.

We have an expertise in organizing Himalayan expeditions in the state of Uttarakhand, from arranging the necessary permits to liaisons with local resources, we ensure that you face no logistical obstacles in making your expeditions a success

We also organize guided day hikes and cycle tours in the beautiful town of Mussoorie. Please visit our store located on the mall road to enquire more about our local trips.

Our policy on Environment

Yeti believes in leaving no trace and so do we, all out trips are environment friendly and we are obsessed about being in one with the nature. Himalayas surely are strong but Himalayan ecology is fragile and venturing into them requires us to adopt eco-friendly practices.  We ensure that we leave the trail in a better position than we found it.
We have limitations on number of trips we take on a trail and also the number of participants who can be on a single trip

Our team and staff is well educated and strictly directed to follow best eco practices and we encourage our clients follow the same set of principles on outdoor trips.

Work Culture
Mountains are where we do our business and by all means the best way to grow is when we take their people along with us. We strive to employ the local resources to the maximum. We believe that by giving back to the society we will reap the best rewards.
We provide safe and hygienic working conditions for the team and ensure that the environment they work in is friendly, professional and encourages them to grow.

Safety Standards and Equipment

We use only UIAA/CE certified equipment on our Himalayan expeditions and technical climbing trips, We also  spacious 2/3 man tents on our trips which offer enough space for both occupants and luggage. We provide proper camping mattresses to sleep on inside the tents, also with the provision of Dining, kitchen tents and camping furniture we ensure that you are able to go through your adventure with complete comfort. All our treks and trips have toilet tents unless mentioned.
A comprehensive first aid kit always accompanies you on the trek and is carried by the trip leader.


We offer hygienic and nutritious meals whenever we are outdoors, with most of the treks and expeditions happening in the land of gods we generally provide you with a vegetarian menu. During the hikes we provide you with nutritious packed lunch and at the camps a buffet is served, when on the road and during transit the most popular meal is Thali system. We ensure that the quantity of food and drinks served is always in plentiful. We would love to know about your dietary preferences before the commencement of the trek so we can accommodate them without any issues.
Drinking Water

We collect water from clean sources and we also provide you with water purification tablets to make it safe and potable.